Tucson, Arizona

Writer. Teacher. Student.

Releasing in May 2018


Young-Adult Contemporary

Black Rose Writing

About Me

I write young-adult novels

about teens living for their dreams, fears, earthquakes, addictions, Stradivarius, the music in their headphones, passion, pointe shoes, opera-obsessed parents, parents who have their own secrets, and parents who have disappeared.

I create choreography and teach high school dance

to make sense out of the human experience and to help teens do the same.

I study adolescent literacy

because every teen deserves the chance to fall in love with reading and writing.

PhD student, Language, Reading and Culture, University of Arizona

Contact Me

If you love books, writing, dance, or just want to share what's on your mind, send me a message.

Julie K. Wise

(520) 370-6157

a few links to my short fiction

"Trading for Diamonds" 


Sample pages of THE DEVIL'S CHORD,  YA contemporary based on Phantom of the Opera 


"Inside the Circle" first chapter in Silk Road Review